Kendall Locker Rooms & Rest Rooms

Anyone using sports facilities on the Mount Holyoke College campus—whether Mount Holyoke College student-athletes, visiting student-athletes, or other participants and attendants—shall have access to the changing, shower, and toilet facilities that accord with their gender identity.   Non-gendered facilities also are available for anyone’s use. 

Information on the women and men’s locker rooms is as follows:

  • Women’s locker room:  There are multiple, single-user bathroom stalls; open changing areas with lockers; and multiple, single-user shower stalls.
  • Men’s locker room:  There is one, single-user bathroom stall; one urinal; an open changing area; and an open, multi-user shower facility.

Non-gendered facilities locations are as follows: 

  • A locker room with two bathroom stalls and two individual shower stalls with changing spaces is located on the hallway leading to the pool.
  • A single user bathroom is located outside the Lyons Den.
  • A single user bathroom and shower space is located between the gymnasium and field house mezzanine.

We also provide men and women’s restrooms at the outdoor field.