Mount Holyoke College Athletics -- Winter/Spring Update

Mount Holyoke College Athletics -- Winter/Spring Update

Below is an update from Mount Holyoke College Athletics for student-athletes to prepare for their return to campus in January.  


  • Varsity student-athletes must meet all medical clearance and compliance requirements in order to practice and compete. 

  • Varsity student-athletes residing on campus must participate in MHC's weekly COVID-19 testing program.

  • All returning Mount Holyoke College students must have flu shots.

  • Varsity student-athletes can expect a team session with our Athletic Training staff as an update on any changes to the facility and other protocols to help create a safe environment for all.

  • Student-athletes will be expected to wear face masks during their in-person practices with only a few situational exceptions.

  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside any Mount Holyoke College Athletics facilities (Kendall Sports & Dance Complex, Equestrian Center, Community Boathouse, etc.).

Varsity Practices and Meetings

  • There will be a quarantine period for all students when they return to campus, so no in-person practices will occur during that time. 

  • Varsity team meetings outside of scheduled practices (e.g., compliance, athletic training orientation, chalk talks) may occur virtually at the start of the semester.

  • There has been no decision made in regards to multi-sport student-athletes. At this time, multi-sport student-athletes should plan on choosing a primary sport in which to pod for housing.

  • The NCAA Resocialization Plan requires the first several weeks of practice to focus on fitness, so your practices will emphasize strength and conditioning until you move out of this phase.

  • Student-athletes will be expected to wear face masks during their in-person practices with only a few situational exceptions. Face masks are not effective when wet, therefore student-athletes should plan to bring several face masks in the event of needing to change them during practice.

Spring Semester Competitions

  • The NEWMAC presidents have unanimously decided to suspend conference play and championships for fall and winter sports.

  • There may be a possibility for non-traditional-season competitions for fall and winter sports (i.e., not full schedules). 

  • Decisions about these competitions will be made along with NCAA and NEWMAC spring sport decisions in February.

Living on Campus

  • Coaches for high-risk sports (basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, squash and volleyball) are identifying small groups of student-athletes (i.e., functional units) that we can try and keep together.

  • We will try and keep student-athletes on teams that have been identified as high-risk (defined above) together, adding students who may be in your friend group. 

  • Student-athletes not participating in high-risk sports (defined above) will be assigned housing based on your class and those within your friend group. 

  • We are still expecting masks to be worn, distance kept when possible in and out of practices, and lots of hand washing.

Athletic Facilities

  • Kendall Sports & Dance Complex will be available for in-residence students. More information about hours and availability can be found on the Kendall Sports and Dance Complex website.

  • Kendall Sports & Dance Complex now has enhanced signage and strategic traffic flow to navigate throughout the building. 

  • Partitions have been installed in the Fitness Center to separate cardio equipment, and new cleaning protocols are in place throughout all facilities.

  • Please note: masks still need to be worn in Kendall at all times (unless employees are stationed in their own office, with the door closed, alone).

  • During open hours, please use the main entrance to enter the building and the field house to exit.

Equestrian Center

Club Sports

  • The six club sport teams (dressage, western, fencing, ice hockey, rugby and ultimate frisbee) will be allowed to practice in Spring 2020 semester under the supervision of their coach.
  • No club sports teams will be permitted to participate in competitions during the Spring 2020 semester, unless they are virtual.
  • Practices will be modified by coaches to maintain a safe environment.
  • Practice plans will be pre-approved by Athletics, Student Involvement and the Health Center.
  • All club sport student-athletes and coaches must participate in the College's testing program.
  • Ice hockey, rugby and ultimate frisbee will begin practices once they can be conducted outdoors (March). If teams are able to be outdoors earlier than March, they will be allowed, however, SGA funding will not be increased to accomodate additional practices
  • Ice hockey will be allowed on-campus, off-ice practices only.
  • Fencing participants will be issued their gear for the semester and will not share it.
  • Club sport student-athletes must choose one club sport for their spring practices, with the exception of dressage and western. 


Please stay tuned to the College's Opening the Gates page for the most up-to-date information and important dates.