One Last Roar: Claire Glover, Soccer and Rowing

One Last Roar: Claire Glover, Soccer and Rowing

"One Last Roar" is a series that will recognize the accomplishments of the senior student-athletes at Mount Holyoke College graduating during the 2020-21 academic year. From now until May, read about our senior student-athletes as they reflect on their careers as members of Lyons Nation. Make sure to check out Mount Holyoke College Athletics on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to see photos of their top memories with their teammates over the past four years.


Claire Glover (Andover, Mass.), a biology major and dual-sport student-athlete at Mount Holyoke College, will graduate at the completion of the Fall 2020 semester. As a four-year member of the Mount Holyoke soccer program, Glover made appearances in nine games, which included a pair of starts in 2018. Glover was also a two-year member of the rowing team at Mount Holyoke College, and has been recognized with a pair of NEWMAC Academic All-Conference accolades for registering a grade-point average of 3.5 or better.

From Interim Head Mount Holyoke Soccer Coach, Kathy Brawn:

"Selfless, hard working, intelligent, fun loving, talented and positive...These were just some of the words her teammates used to describe Claire as we gathered recently, (via zoom), to celebrate her contributions to Lyons soccer and her impending graduation. Claire wrapped up her collegiate playing career as a valued teammate, a dedicated and gifted scholar, and a loyal friend. While I missed the opportunity to coach her in person, I have been impressed by Claire's ability to persevere through challenging times, and look forward to counting her among the Lyon alumnae faithful." 

From Head Mount Holyoke Rowing Coach, Seth Hussey:

"Claire spent four years playing soccer at Mount Holyoke as well as joining rowing as a junior. Her maturity and empathy have allowed her to emerge as a strong leader in both sports. I have the upmost respect for her dedication and know that those traits will serve her well in her future endeavors."

More about Claire... 

Overall, share a few sentences about your time as a student-athlete at Mount Holyoke College. How has your experience as a student-athlete help develop you into the person you are today?

I am a much stronger person than I was four years ago, both physically and mentally. The challenges I faced as a student-athlete, from difficult courses to sprained ankles and a bad concussion, forced me to take care of myself and bounce back stronger than before. I am grateful that I have been challenged and grateful that my teammates and coaches believed in my abilities and my goals. I have become a more effective communicator, a better self-advocate, and a more determined athlete. I leave Mount Holyoke knowing that I will continue to take care of my mind and body and that I will find new teams and colleagues and mentors who will push me to be my best.

What were some of your favorite memories as a member of the soccer and rowing teams?

Every season, the soccer team has a special Halloween practice where each class creates a group costume. I love figuring out the costume, bursting into laughter at all the other class costumes, and attempting to play soccer in whatever we are wearing with hilarious results. It is always a perfect way to end the season by having laughs with the people I love. By that point in autumn, we usually have breathtaking sunsets over the athletic fields during our practices, which will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Though I joined the crew team recently, I feel like I immediately bonded with the team thanks in large part to our team breakfasts. It feels so good to walk over to Blanch after practice sweaty and smiling and knowing that we all get to laugh and chat before starting our day. I made lasting friendships immediately and I am so grateful to have been welcomed with open arms.

What are your plans following graduation?

I am hoping to head to veterinary school and continue my work with wildlife! I am going through interviews right now and will begin next fall. In the meantime, I am working at a local small animal hospital and planning a thru hike of the Appalachian trail in the spring. It is a lifelong dream, and if circumstances allow, I will get to take a 2,000-mile walk!

Who have been some of your biggest supporters during your time at Mount Holyoke College? This can be anyone (i.e. family, friends, professors, coaches, etc.)

All of the athletic trainers have been so special to me during my time at Mount Holyoke. Sadly, I am somewhat injury prone, and the ATs have helped me recover both physically and mentally each time. I will never forget Ellen giving me a piggy back ride from the field house to the training room last time I sprained my ankle! 

I am also very lucky to have special relationships with my professors on campus. My advisor, Jason Andras, has been there for me since the first days of college, and has become my biggest mentor on campus. Jason is a fantastic listener, advice-giver, lab P.I, professor, and friend, and I will miss stopping by his office in Clapp. Also, his dogs Pete and Louis are the absolute best!

My family has been very supportive of me throughout my time at Mount Holyoke, but I would especially like to thank my mom. As a 1985 graduate of Mount Holyoke and a fellow scholar athlete on the soccer team, my mom has inspired me to push myself on and off the field while being my biggest fan. I never expected to follow in her footsteps, but I am so proud that I did.

What is your favorite Mount Holyoke tradition?

Vespers is one tradition I absolutely love. For the first two years, I sang in chorale, and being a part of these joyful concerts that make both students and alums so happy was so fulfilling. I love the music, the candles, and the feeling of togetherness right before heading off to winter break.

Any words of advice you have for the future student-athletes of Mount Holyoke College?

Being a student athlete will challenge you, so rise to the challenge. Take every opportunity given to you and savor the small moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye. I wish I could have competed in my senior season, but I am so grateful for the people that remain in my life because of soccer and crew, and the dedication and drive I have cultivated over the past four years. Cherish your relationships with your coaches, trainers, teammates, and teachers! 



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