Concussion Protocols & Information

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanical forces, such as a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, face, neck, or elsewhere on the body where forces are transmitted to the head, and subsequently brain. This type of injury may or may not result in a loss of consciousness.

An individual can experience a rapid onset of symptoms as a result of a disruption in neurologic functioning that can resolve spontaneously or evolve minutes to hours post-injury. Neuropathical changes that may occur as a result of the concussion are mostly indicative of a disturbance in brain function than structural injury to brain tissue; as such, standard neuroimaging studies (MRI, CT scan) will return with normal results.

Those of us responsible for the health and well-being of Mount Holyoke College student-athletes utilize additional tools to assess and monitor concussive events, detailed below. These tools will be implemented for baseline measures and/or post-injury to objectively assess the student-athlete post-injury and allow us to track recovery.

  • Speak with a member of the Athletic Training Staff or your coach
  • Click HERE for full concussion protocols for Mount Holyoke College Athletics