Summer Rehabilitation Protocols

Below are instructional videos that address the three main areas of the body as created by the Mount Holyoke College Athletic Training Staff. The three areas include foot/ankle/lower leg, thigh/hip/low back, and upper back/shoulder. Click below to view the video of your choice.

Summer Rehab and Strength Training (ACL and Beyond)

This is designed for individuals who have been doing rehabilitation programs and looking to continue over the summer.  Explanations are brief; you should be familiar with the form and technique of the exercises in order to perform them safely.  (NOTE:  Many of these exercises can be viewed either in “Body by Ellen” or in the Summer Rehab Protocol Videos provided below.) CLICK HERE for more information!


FOOT/ANKLE/LOWER LEG (Click HERE for full description)


THIGH/HIP/LOWER BACK (Click HERE for full description)


UPPER BACK/SHOULDER (Click HERE for full description)