1985-86 Equestrian Team

(Presented by Carol “CJ” Law)       

The 1985-86 Equestrian team was the first team to capture an Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) National Championship title led by current head coach Carol “CJ” Law.  Through adversity and personal tragedy, the team showed spirit and determination in establishing one of the top programs in the country. It was the hard work and strength of the team that helped bring prominence to the equestrian program at Mount Holyoke as several members from the first Championship team went on to help the program capture Reserve Champion in 1986-87. The character of the 1985-86 squad set the foundation for the success of the program today. CLICK TO VIEW THE OFFICAL RELEASE.

1985-86 Class Members: Catriona Baker, Rachel Barbour, Katharine (Plum) Benson, Katharine Byron, Jessica Choper, Claire (Ernsberger) Cook, Michelle Cook, Sarah Coward, Diane (de Castro) Crommett, Johanna (Santos) Davey, Alain Dawson, Gretchen DeMone, Pamela Dubois, Kristin (Tait) Dunnan, Dawn Faucher, Margaret Forsberg, Erica (Wilhelm) Fotta, Anne-Marie Hurtgen, Hilary Kissel, Susan (Varnum) Ko, Katharine (White) MacPhail, Christina Major, Kerry (O'Connell) Mikalchus, Rebecca Minard, Elizabeth (Lee) Miney, Cristina (Sage) Peters, Maria Petersen, Katherine Peterson, Allison Pinkett-Floyd, Christine (Nicholson) Raccio, Lisa Richter, Amy Springer, Mary Springer, Justin (Margorie) Tanis, Roseann (Stickel) Thompson, Michelle (Mason) West, Kimberly (Raye) Woolley, Linda (Bronski) York.