Imogene Opton Fish '55 – Skiing

(Presented by Timothy Farnham)

Opton Fish transferred to Mount Holyoke as a sophomore and immediately made the  headlines as she represented the United States at the 1952 Olympic Games in Olso, Norway as an alpine skier at just 19 years of age. A competitor in the women’s slalom event, she finished fifth overall. Opton Fish continued to compete during her remaining years at Mount Holyoke as a member of the International Ski Federation (IFS) and was ranked the top skier in the United States in 1954. Prior to her arrival at MHC, Opton Fish was an avid athlete in every sense of the word. During her high school career, she played field hockey, basketball and softball for all four years and was inducted into the school’s Sports Hall of Fame. Opton Fish has continued to exemplify the dedication to leading an athletic lifestyle. She went on to earn multiple master’s degrees from Harvard and Northeastern and later served as the director of graduate admissions at Wheelock College before her retirement in 1992. CLICK TO VIEW THE OFFICAL RELEASE.