Athletics Hall of Fame

In the Fall of 2013, the Mount Holyoke College Department of Physical Education and Athletics began a new tradition with the induction of its first class into the Athletics Hall of Fame. The inaugural ceremony took place on October 19, 2013 and was a wonderful success. As we continue forward, we are seeking your help is needed in finding nominations for this special honor.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established to honor athletes, coaches, administrators and those who have made outstanding contributions that have had a significant impact on the Mount Holyoke College athletic program.

The requirements for each category are as follows:


  • Are a Mount Holyoke College alumna at least 10 years prior to nomination. An honoree may be inducted posthumously.
  • Played a minimum of two years in one sport and brought distinction to themselves and/or their athletic program.
  • Were positive role models on campus and continue to be an outstanding citizen in the community.
  • Prior to the founding of intercollegiate athletics and the athletic department, as we know it today, must have distinguished themselves in the athletics arena in their area of expertise or interest.
  • Have made an impact on campus life and the greater community during their years on campus.


  • Are not presently, and have not been in the past five years, members of the Mount Holyoke community.
  • Demonstrated exceptional competence and professionalism in making a contribution to the athletics program.
  • Were positive role models on campus and continue to be an outstanding citizen in the community
  • Made contributions to or earned recognitions by Conference, Regional and/or National Organizations.


  • Brought distinction to the athletic department by having an outstanding record or accomplishment such as qualifying for a National or Regional Championship, or undefeated season.
  • Brought distinction a minimum of 10 years prior to nomination.


  • Have made a major impact either for the advancement of the athletics program at Mount Holyoke College, or for women's athletics more broadly.

Please take a moment to fill out the nomination form, which will require several pieces of key information, including a 750 words or less statement on why you are nominating this person. We ask that you please supply as much supporting information as appropriate for the nominee. Additionally, a current resume or CV is also suggested for the process. Those documents can be sent by email to Amie Canfield at

Click HERE for the nomination form, which can also be accessed at the top of this page.

For questions and additional information, contact Amie Canfield by phone at 413-538-2469 or at