Mount Holyoke College Club Sports

Rugby Scrum In addition to the College's 14 varsity sports, Mount Holyoke has seven competitive club sports teams that appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities. The club teams include dressage, fencing, ice hockey, rugby, sailing, ultimate frisbee and western riding. These teams practice on a regular basis and compete against such New England schools as Smith College, the College of the Holy Cross, MIT, Bowdoin College and Connecticut College. Each year, there are non-competitive student organizations formed to support the martial arts, outdoor adventure, dancing and running interests of campus members.

Mount Holyoke supports the overall well-being of its students and employees. For individuals who are interested in recreation and wellness, there are a number of fitness opportunities. Throughout the academic year, many students take advantage of weekly drop-in classes like yoga, pilates, spinning, zumba and kick-boxing.

Club sports are run through the Department of Physical Education and Athletics and supervised by Amie Canfield (

Club Sports Directory

Dressage Team: Our mission, as a member of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA), is to introduce students to the equestrian discipline of dressage and to foster continued development and appreciation in dressage through student competitions and educational opportunities.

Fencing Team: Our purpose as a sports club is to provide interested students a chance to learn and compete in a sport they can contiune to enjoy throughout life. We do this by holding weekly club sessions, attending USFA tournaments and practicing with area clubs.

Ice Hockey: The club aims to teach members hockey and to compete intramurally with other hockey teams.

Rugby Football Club: The rugby club provides a co-curricular activity for athletes who want to participate in a contact sport in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ultimate Frisbee: The mission of the Mount Holyoke Ultimate Frisbee Club is to educate students about the sport of ultimate frisbee, encourage students to participate in ultimate and teach ultimate techniques and tactics. The team will promote campus participation and teamwork while informally and formally competing in unofficial scrimmmages and official tournaments.

Western Riding Team: Our mission is to introduce students to the discipline of western riding. As the newest Mount Holyoke riding team, we hope to foster continued development of riding skills and appreciation of the western style through educational opportunities and student competitions.