Mount Holyoke College Athletics Mission and Vision

Soccer Celebration Mission

The mission of the Department of Physical Education and Athletics is to challenge and empower individuals through intercollegiate athletics, physical education and physical activity while developing and fostering a lifetime commitment to wellness.


The Department of Physical Education and Athletics is committed to preparing our students for purposeful engagement in the world through participation in physical activity.

Our varsity athletics program is integral to the educational process and strives to provide challenging, meaningful, and competitive experiences for student-athletes. We seek to enhance life skills and develop values that foster teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership as well as develop their talents to the highest degree possible.

Our physical education program is committed to providing quality instruction in a wide range of activities. Participation allows each student to develop a basic proficiency in a lifetime sport or physical activity and understand the components of fitness and how they relate to wellness. Students will increase their level of comfort and confidence in and through movement.

Our department is committed to providing and maintaining facilities and programming that support the recreational and fitness needs of the MHC community. In collaboration with the Office of Student Programs, the department also supports competitive opportunities through club sport participation.

Motivate, Honor, Compete