Riding Wins Seventh Straight Regular Season Show

Riding Wins Seventh Straight Regular Season Show

HADLEY, Mass. - The Mount Holyoke riding team headed to Amherst on Saturday, taking part in the second to last show of the regular season at Hadley Farm. The event, which was hosted by UMass-Amherst, saw the Lyons win their seventh straight show to remain undefeated on the season. Additionally, MHC increased its regional lead to 53 points and have clinched their berth at Zones, which will be held on April 4th at the MHC Equestrian Center.

Sophomore Bridget Finnerty started off the day with a win in Open Fences for MHC, followed closely by first-year Mollie Kowalchik placing second.  Senior Maura Zaldonis had a tricky horse and was granted a reride, where she put in a great round for a sixth place finish. 

In Intermediate Fences, seniors Jess Murray and Anne Waldo both had nice rounds and placed second and third, respectively.  In Novice Fences, seniors Kathleen Kelly and Ruby Rodell both had good rides and each placed fourth, while first-year Anna Rzchowski placed fifth on a tough horse. 

MHC's IEA coach Tara Mathews rode in Alumni Fences for UConn and once again won her class, and later in Alumni Flat placed second.  The team's Strengh and Conditioning coach, Courtney Findeisen, rode for Siena College in Alumni Flat and placed fourth on a tough horse.

Moving on with the flat classes, Zaldonis brought home a blue ribbon in Open Flat while senior Abby Raucher placed third, senior Heather Zadra fourth, and Finnerty fifth.  The Lyons went 1-2 in Intermediate Flat with senior Maddi Shortt coming in first place and sophomore Cam Carter in second. 

Then in Novice Flat Rodell and Rzchowski each won their sections while senior Emily Bessette and first-year Laura Bartlett each placed sixth on difficult draws.  Walk-Trot-Canter followed, where senior Maneh Kotikian placed third and senior Callie Calder fifth in the Advanced section, and sophomore Regina Brecha was fifth in the Beginner section.  Finally, first-year Wendy Ho won Walk-Trot and sophomore Flora Fei came in fifth.

With her ride today, Brecha moved out of Beginner Walk-Trot-Canter and into the advanced section.  In addition, several riders qualified for Regionals today:

Bridget Finnerty - Open Fences

Maneh Kotikian - Walk-Trot-Canter

Mollie Kowalchik - Open Fences

Jess Murray - Intermediate Fences

Abby Raucher - Open Flat

Maddi Shortt - Intermediate Flat

Anne Waldo - Intermediate Fences

Mount Holyoke competes again at UMass on Saturday, March 28th, followed by Regionals the next day at Biscuit Hill Farm.


Team results for the day:

High Point College - Mount Holyoke College, 32 points

Reserve High Point College - Westfield State University, 27 points

3rd Place - University of Massachusetts Amherst, 26 points

4th Place - Smith College, 22 points

5th Place - Williams College, 17 points

6th Place - Amherst College, 16 points

7th Place - Springfield College, 10 points


Team standings for the season:

1st Place - Mount Holyoke College, 276 points

2nd Place - University of Massachusetts Amherst, 223 points

3rd Place - Westfield State University, 189 points

4th Place - Smith College, 182 points

5th Place - Williams College, 117 points

6th Place - Springfield College, 108 points

7th Place - Amherst College, 103 points

Cacchione Cup standings:

1st Place - Bridget Finnerty (MHC) and Paige Hendrickson (WSU), 62 points

3rd Place - Emily Orchant (Williams), 56 points

4th Place - Maura Zaldonis (MHC), 50 points

5th Place - Abby Raucher (MHC), 45 points

Story courtesy of Anne Waldo '15, MHC riding team member.