Calas Brings Home Blue at Dressage Nationals

Calas Brings Home Blue at Dressage Nationals

WESTERVILLE, Ohio - Mount Holyoke College sophomore Stephanie Calas brought home the blue with the second highest score of the day, a 72.391% for the Individual Lower Training Division on Saturday, April 25th at The Intercollegiate Dressage Association's 2015 National Competition held at the Austin Knowlton Equine Center, in Westerville, Ohio.

Mount Holyoke was also represented by first year student Amanda De Bellis in the first ever IDA United States Dressage Association's Quiz competition, and after taking the preliminary (Intro level) test over the winter, De Bellis qualified to take the final at the Nationals on Saturday. The written test was given in a classroom next to the indoor dressage court: it consisted of 95 equine related questions, and there were ten students at her level taking the test.

Calas drew a sweet little bay mare named Tedi, with a ride time of 3:15 pm, and rode with feeling, accuracy, and relaxation, qualities she was rewarded for in the marks. The Judge at C, Sarah Michaels awarded a score of 74+%. The Judge at E, Maryal Barnet gave her a 70+% and the scores together gave the average of 72.391.

For her efforts, she won a Custom Saddlery dressage saddle for the top placing at Lower Training Level, and for the Reserve high point, she won a set of clippers, a halter and two saddle pads.

Calas is pictured above with her parents at this year's IDA Nationals.

Article courtesy of Meg Hilly, head coach of the MHC Dressage Team.