Riding Concludes Action at Winter II Tournament of Champions

Riding Concludes Action at Winter II Tournament of Champions

BRISTOL, Va. – The Mount Holyoke College riding team competed in the fourth and final leg of the 2016-17 Tournament of Champions series at the Winter II Classic, hosted by Emory and Henry College on Saturday.

show got underway with a nice ride from junior Mika McKinney in intermediate flat for sixth place. Next in the ring was senior Bridget Finnerty, who put in a beautiful trip in open over fences for the blue ribbon in a competitive field.

In intermediate over fences, junior Taryn Isenburg put in a nice trip to receive seventh place. She returned to the ring shortly after with a nice ride in a section of the high collegiate medal, but unfortunately did not make the callback.

First year Lexi Lobdell was next in the ring with an excellent ride in novice flat for a fifth place finish. Several riders also made their tournament debut in Bristol, including first year Sesil Lee. She entered the ring next for a competitive section of walk trot, where she put in a great ride for a fourth place finish. Sophomore Jordan Green also made her debut on a tougher draw in the following walk trot canter class. She still rode extremely well to post fifth place.

The next class saw senior Ellie Demmons in a section of the low collegiate medal. She put in a beautiful ride, but unfortunately did not progress onto the fences phase.

Open flat was next in the ring with a lovely ride from junior Mollie Kowalchik in another strong class, where her efforts earned her third overall. In the final team ride of the day, junior Sabrina Fox entered the ring for novice over fences. She put in a great effort to place fourth overall.

With a total of 22 points at the end of the day, Mount Holyoke finished in 11th place after a series of tie breakers among the top ten teams. The team results are as follows:


1.) Randolph College Team Wild- 31

2.) SCAD Team Black- 28

3.) Goucher College- 27

4.) Penn State Team Blue- 27

5.) Emory and Henry College- 27

6.) SCAD Team Gold- 25

7.) Bridgewater Team Gold-25

8.) Bridgewater Team Crimson- 24

9.) Kansas State University- 23

10.) Randolph College Team Cat- 22

11.) Mount Holyoke College- 22

12.) East Carolina University- 22

Action for the Lyons will resume on March 4th, when they host their final regular season home show at the MHC Equestrian Center.