Riding Captures Victory at Final Regular Season Home Show

Group photo of the Lyons Equestrian Team following their victory at home on March 3, 2018.

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. - The Mount Holyoke Equestrian Team hosted their final regular show of the 2017-2018 season today at the equestrian center. In addition to the usual show activities, a senior ceremony was held to honor the contributions all seniors have made to the IHSA.

Things got underway with two splits of open fences, the first of which saw beautiful rides from seniors Mollie Kowalchik and Maddy Skrak, who secured a one-two finish. The second split saw equally stunning rides from sophomore Franny Eremeeva and senior Emily Holowczak, who posted second and fourth, respectively.

In the following intermediate fences division, junior Rachael Fulop, senior Haley Lamoureux, and junior Lily DeBenedictis all delivered lovely rounds in the first section to finish first, second, and sixth, respectively. The second section saw additional strong riding from seniors Anna Rzchowski and Taryn Isenburg, as well as sophomore Harriet Thomson to finish third, fourth, and fifth, respectively.

The novice fences division entered the ring next with three splits. In the first split, senior Cat Lamond had a beautiful round to secure first place. In the second section, senior Morgan Brachfeld also delieved a lovely round for second place. The final section saw two additional strong rides from senior Avery Hanlon and junior Jordan Green to post second and fifth, respectively.

The jumping portion of the day concluded with Alumni over fences, which saw a lovely ride from the Mount Holyoke Equestrian Team assistant coach, Tara Mathews, for the win.

During a brief break from riding, a flower ceremony was held  for all of the senior riders in region three. Each senior was awarded flowers to honor their contributions to the IHSA and all of the hard work they have put into their academic careers. Mount Holyoke honored 11 seniors at the event including, Brachfeld, Sabrina Fox, Hanlon, Holowczak, Isenburg, Kowalchik, Lamond, Lamoureux, Mika McKinney, Rzchowski, and Skrak.

Once the ceremony was over, the flat classes kicked off with alumni flat, which saw an additional beautiful ride from Mathews for the win.

Walk trot was next in the ring with two sections. The first section saw two stunning rides from sophomore Daphne Schneewind and first year Evelyn Li, both in their IHSA debuts. The two secured second and sixth place, respectively. The second split saw two more beautiful rides from sophomores Sesil Lee and Honami Tanaka to finish in first and third, respectively.

Hanlon returned to the ring next to begin the novice flat division. She had another nice ride to finish second. The second section saw lovely riding from Lamond and Fulop for second and fourth, respectively.

Action moved next to open flat, where Kowalchik and Holowczak returned to the ring with lovely rides for first and reserve, respectively. The second section saw Skrak and Eremeeva return to the ring to finish first and second, respectively.

Two more sections of novice flat entered the ring next, the first of which saw a lovely ride from sophomore Emy McLaughlin for second place. In the last split, Brachfeld returned to the ring with a beautiful ride for first place.

Beginning Walk-Trot-Canter entered the ring next in two sections, the first of which saw a lovely IHSA debut ride from first year Olivia Lowe for fourth place. In the second section, first years Sabrina Talir and Carol Law both delivered beautiful rides to post one-two.

Action moved next to intermediate flat, where Fox and Lamoureux delivered beautiful rides in the first section to post first and third, respectively. In the second section, Isenburg returned to the ring with junior Emma Recchi. Both delivered nice rides to finish in first and sixth, respectively.

The day wrapped-up with two large sections of advanced walk trot canter. In the first section, sophomore Maya Brody and first year Grace Herrmann had lovely rides to finish in fourth and reserve, respectively. The second section saw additional lovely rides from sophomore Sarah Etzel and first year Lou Jefwa to finish in fourth and reserve, respectively.

At the end of the day, Kowalchik was called back to the ring for a ride off for high point rider. After a thrilling series of tests, she was named overall high point rider. In addition, Isenburg secured the Intermediate High Point Rider title while Lamoureux secured the Intermediate Reserve High Point title. Brachfeld also secured the Novice Reserve High Point title with her rides.

Congratulations to all of the riders that made their debuts today, as well as the following riders for qualifying for regionals:

Sesil Lee- Walk Trot

Avery Hanlon- Novice Flat and Fences

Taryn Isenburg- Intermediate Flat and Fences

Rachael Fulop- Intermediate Fences

Franny Eremeeva- Open Fences

Additional congratulations to Sabrina Talir for pointing out of beginner walk trot canter and into advanced walk trot canter.

Mount Holyoke finished the day with 39 points for the High Point College award. Hampshire College followed with 33 points for the Reserve High Poing College award

College Results:

1.) Mount Holyoke College- 39 points

2.) Hampshire College- 33

3.) Umass Amherst- 26

3.) Westfield State University- 26

4.) Williams College- 22

5.) Smith College- 18

6.) Bennington College- 11

7.) Amherst College- 9


The Lyons will conclude their regular season on March 24th with a show at UMass, hosted by Hampshire College.

Show recap courtesy of MHC Equestrian team manager, Taryn Isenburg. Photos courtesy of MHC Equestrian.