Wellesley Wins Seven Sisters Rowing Championship

Wellesley Wins Seven Sisters Rowing Championship

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. –Wellesley College finished with the top time in all four events to capture the 30th Annual Seven Sisters Rowing Championship on Sunday morning on the Connecticut River in South Hadley, Mass. The races, featuring host Mount Holyoke, the Blue, Bryn Mawr College, Simmons College and Smith College spanned a three mile stretch of the Connecticut River, finishing at the Mount Holyoke Boathouse.

The Blue amassed 38 points. Smith and Simmons both finished with 22 points, but the Pioneers were this year's runner-up, based on their second-place finish in the Varsity 8 race. The host Lyons were fourth with 14 points, while Bryn Mawr was fifth at this year's event with 13 points.

The second Novice 8 race was the opening event at this year's championship as Wellesley posted a time of 20:31.36 for the full seven points. Simmons was second with a time of 21:09.06 for five points, followed by the host Lyons with a time of 21:11.51 for three points. Smith was the final finisher with a time of 21:26.40.

The Novice 8's made their way on to the course second and Wellesley once again finished with the top time of 18:12.57 (9 points) — coming in just ahead of Mount Holyoke which had a time of 19:25.0 (7 points). Smith finished with the third fastest time at 19:43.65 (5 points) followed by Simmons at 20:06.43 (3 points) and Bryn Mawr at 22:43.46 (1 point).

In the Second Varsity 8 race, Wellesley 'A' cruised to a time of 17:34.75 (10 points), while Simmons was second with a time of 18:22.86 (8 points). Smith's 'A' crew was third overall with a time of 18:26.32 (6 points), followed by the Blue 'B' boat with a time of 18:27.0 (0 points), while the Pioneers 'B' boat was fifth with a time of 19:05.06 (0 points). Bryn Mawr rounded out the race with a time of 22:12.0 (4 points).

Wellesley took home top honors in the Varsity 8 race, finishing in a time of 16:49.0 to earn the top total of 12 points. Smith followed with a time of 17:12.19 to earn 10 points, while Bryn Mawr finished third with a time of 17:32.91 for eight points. Simmons was fourth with a time of 17:38.32, garnering six points, while the host Lyons were fifth with a time of 18:12.42 for four points.


Final Points:

Wellesley         38

Smith               22 (finishes 2nd due to tie-breaker )

Simmons          22

MHC                14

Bryn Mawr      13


All-Regatta Recipients:


Margaret Babikian (Varsity)

Meg Roberts (Varsity)

Jocelyn Reahl (Novice)



Sarah Bohan (Varsity)

Erin Lilienthal (Varsity)

Aimee Funk (Novice)



Gracie Hackenberg (Varsity)

Pooja Somasundaram (Varsity)

Ana Porro (Novice)


Mount Holyoke:

Chenyue Lu (Varsity)

Ashley Avila (Varsity)

Monika Sharma (Novice)


Bryn Mawr:

Jade Bath (Varsity)

Zoe King (Varsity)

Hannah Dziadzio (Novice)


Cover photo of All-Seven Sisters Team taken by MHC Sports Information.