Rowing Finishes Fourth at 31st Annual Seven Sisters Championship

Rowing Finishes Fourth at 31st Annual Seven Sisters Championship

HADLEY, Mass. –Wellesley College finished with the top time in three of four events to capture the 31st Annual Seven Sisters Rowing Championship on Sunday morning on the Connecticut River in Hadley, Mass. The races, featuring host Smith College, the Blue, Bryn Mawr College, Simmons College and Mount Holyoke College spanned a three mile stretch of the Connecticut River at Sportsman's Marina.

Wellesley amassed 30 points. The host Pioneers were runners-up with 28 points, while Simmons had 22 points. Mount Holyoke placed fourth with 19 points, followed by Bryn Mawr in fifth with 11 points.

The second Novice 8 race was the opening event at this year's championship as Wellesley posted a time of 20:44 for the full seven points. Simmons was second with a time of 20:58.80 for five points, followed by the host Pioneers with a time of 20:58.84 for three points. Simmons's B boat was the final finisher with a time of 22:18.

The Novice 8's made their way on to the course second and Wellesley once again finished with the top time of 19:53 (9 points) — coming in just ahead of Simmons which had a time of 20:38 (7 points). Smith finished with the third fastest time at 20:46 (5 points) followed by Mount Holyoke at 21:33 (3 points) and Bryn Mawr at 22:42 (1 point).

In the Second Varsity 8 race, Wellesley 'A' posted a time of 18:23 (10 points), while Smith's 'A' had a time of 18:24 (8 points). Mount Holyoke was third with a mark of 19:35 (6 points), followed by Simmons with a 21:04 (4 points). Bryn Mawr was fifth overall with a time of 21:27 (2 points).

The host Pioneers took home top honors in the Varsity 8 race, finishing in a time of 17:38 to earn the top total of 12 points. Mount Holyoke followed with a time of 18:19 to earn 10 points, while Bryn Mawr finished third with a time of 18:34 for eight points. Simmons was fourth with a time of 18:37, garnering six points, while Wellesley was fifth with a time of 19:09 for four points.


Final Points:

Wellesley - 30
Smith - 28
Simmons - 22
Mount Holyoke - 19
Bryn Mawr - 11 

All-Regatta Recipients:

Wellesley: Sydney Dollmeyer (V), Kathryn Barth (V), Arielle Wons (N)
Smith: Cali Nathanson (V), Olivia Shaw (V), Jessica Keast (N)
Simmons: Kellie Cann (V), Elsbeth Colson (V), Kate Krawczuk (N)
Mount Holyoke: Ariya Lawson (V), Meghan Ryan (V), Elizabeth Hazen (N)
Bryn Mawr: Jane Liu (V), Jill Li (V), Ellen Lee (N)