2019-20 Rowing Roster

Hometown/High School Major
Molly Aslin full bio Molly Aslin Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: Germantown, Tenn. / St. Mary's Episcopal School Major: Physics
Xena Ault full bio Xena Ault Year: So. Hometown/High School: Forest Park, Ill. / Trinity Major: Economics
Elle Bukosky full bio Elle Bukosky Year: So. Hometown/High School: Trenton, N.J. / Doane Academy Major: Religion
Jaia Colognese full bio Jaia Colognese Year: So. Hometown/High School: Jamestown, R.I. / North Kingstown Senior Major: Hospitality Management and International Relations
Katherine Dailey full bio Katherine Dailey Year: So. Hometown/High School: Camden, Maine / Camden Hills Regional Major: Undeclared
Shoshi Daniels full bio Shoshi Daniels Year: So. Hometown/High School: Rye, N.Y. / Rye Major: Biology
Kate Dutilly full bio Kate Dutilly Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: Moneta, Va. / Community HS of Arts & Academics Major: Architectural Studies
Claire Gabel full bio Claire Gabel Year: So. Hometown/High School: Watertown, Mass. / Watertown Major:  
Ilana Goldin full bio Ilana Goldin Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: Livingston, N.J. / Livingston Major: Mathematics
Zoe Goris full bio Zoe Goris Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: Providence, R.I. / Met Major: Chemistry and French
Amelia Green full bio Amelia Green Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Sanford, Fla. / Seminole Major: Geography, Geopolitics and Global Security
Jocelyn Greer full bio Jocelyn Greer Year: So. Hometown/High School: Glen Rock, N.J. / Academy for Business & Finance Major: Undeclared
Elizabeth Hazen full bio Elizabeth Hazen Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Brookline, Mass. / Brookline Major: Chemistry
Simran Kaur full bio Simran Kaur Year: So. Hometown/High School: Hanover, N.H. / Hanover Major: Economics
Piper Kilgore full bio Piper Kilgore Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Deerfield, N.H. / Concord Major: Undeclared
Celina Krantz full bio Celina Krantz Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Seattle, Wash. / Seattle Waldorf Major: Undeclared
Sarah Lancaster full bio Sarah Lancaster Year: So. Hometown/High School: Ann Arbor, Mich. / Pioneer Major: French and History
Piper LaPointe full bio Piper LaPointe Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Norfolk, Mass. / King Philip Major: Undecided
Lainie LaRonde full bio Lainie LaRonde Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Manlius, N.Y. / Fayetteville-Manlius Major: Anthropology and French
Hannah LeBlanc full bio Hannah LeBlanc Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Portland, Ore. / Sunset Major: Biochemistry
Liz Lewis full bio Liz Lewis Year: So. Hometown/High School: Framingham, Mass. / Natick Major: History
Halee Mahoney full bio Halee Mahoney Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Ann Arbor, Mich. / Pioneer High School Major: Environmental Studies
Lauren Maryea full bio Lauren Maryea Year: So. Hometown/High School: South Hadley, Mass. / South Hadley Major: Psychology
Keamo Mokone full bio Keamo Mokone Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Pretoria, South Africa / Silver Oaks Major: Africana Studies
Sabina Morris full bio Sabina Morris Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: New York, N.Y. / Beacon School Major: Economics and History
Jaya Nagarajan-Swenson full bio Jaya Nagarajan-Swenson Year: So. Hometown/High School: Berkeley, Calif. / Berkeley Major: Astronomy and Biology
Casey Nichols full bio Casey Nichols Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Hanover, N.H. / Hanover Major: Neuropsychology
Anna Noon full bio Anna Noon Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Medfield, Mass. / Montrose Major: Undeclared
Cynthia Rhodes full bio Cynthia Rhodes Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: San Antonio, Texas / Tom C. Clark Major: Psychology and Education
Genesis Rocha full bio Genesis Rocha Year: Sr. Hometown/High School: Newark, N.J. / Saint Vincent Academy Major: International Relations
Casey Roepke full bio Casey Roepke Year: Jr. Hometown/High School: Burlingame, Calif. / Crystal Springs Uplands School Major: Politics
Audrey Shannon full bio Audrey Shannon Year: So. Hometown/High School: Milton, Ga. / Cambridge Major: Politics and History
Johanna Van Fleet full bio Johanna Van Fleet Year: Fy. Hometown/High School: Bow, N.H. / Concord Major: Environmental Studies
Amy Wang full bio Amy Wang Year: So. Hometown/High School: Beijing, China / HS Affiliated to Remin Univ. of China (RDFZ Major: Biological Science