8 Alex Crean
8 - Alex Crean
Height: 5-2
Year: Sr
Hometown: West Hartford, Conn.
High School: Pomfret School
Position: A

Getting to Know Alex

  • Why did you choose to attend Mount Holyoke? - I chose Mount Holyoke for its reputation for empowering women in the sciences- I wanted to attend an institution that supported women in a field that is still dominated by males. I also chose Mount Holyoke for its Sports and its particular athletic fit for me. Although, I only play larosse now, at the time I was considering being a multi-sport athlete in Cross-Country or Squash.
  • What do you like best about Mount Holyoke? - I like its supportive atmosphere. I have become very comfortable and confident with myself as a person and a leader. I have also appreciated my on-campus employment with the Alumnae Association and all the wonderful opportunities (such as working reunions) that it has afforded me.
  • Favorite Sports Movie - Miracle
  • Best Sporting Event Ever Attended - 2005 Women's Lacrosse World Cup- held in Annapolis, Maryland
  • Favorite Pro Sports Team - The Boston Bruins
  • Favorite TV Show - The O.C.
  • Favorite Athlete(s) - Sidney Crosby, Brad Marchand, Wes Welker, & Nastia Lukin
  • Childhood Idol - My older brother Evan. He's the reason I even started playing lacrosse
  • Hobbies - Running, Playing Squash, Collage-Making, Crossword Puzzles, to name a few
  • Best Concert You Ever Attended              - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  • Magazine Cover You'd Like to Be On - Glamour
  • Biggest Fear - Insects
  • Most Famous Person Ever Met - A tie between Jonah Goldberg, Mickey Avalon, & Julie Powell
  • Person You'd Like to Have Dinner With - J.K. Rowling
  • Most Prized Possession - My gold chain with the Italian "Madonna" pendant
  • Place You'd Like to Visit - Sofia, Bulgaria or Helsinki, Finland
  • First Memory of Your Sport - A tie between my first left handed catch and my yellow Brine Tsunami lacrosse stick
  • Most Memorable Moment in College Athletics - Beating MIT15-12 during the 2011 Season
  • Pre-Game Rituals - Cracking my back after a good stretch, blasting music probably best suited for a club, and of course wearing my Game Day hair ribbon
  • Best Advice From a Coach - When running hills, visualize them as flat surfaces and pick up your feet when you run up them!
  • If You Had $1 Billion Dollars You Would - Pay off my student loans and any future education ASAP
  • Career Aspirations - Lawyer in the legal department of a Public Relations Firm