21 Amber Legare
21 - Amber Legare
Height: 5-11
Year: Fy
Hometown: Chicopee, Mass.
High School: Chicopee Comprehensive
Position: F

Getting to Know Amber

  • Why did you choose to attend Mount Holyoke? - I chose to attend mount Holyoke for a great education and to play three sports at a little cost.  
  • What do you like best about Mount Holyoke? - The atmosphere, the freedom, and the ability to study wherever whenever.  
  • Favorite Sports Movie - Love and Basketball and Bend it Like Bechkham  
  • Best Sporting Event Ever Attended - Game seven Boston Celtics playoff game  
  • Favorite Pro Sports Team - Boston Celtics and New York Giants  
  • Favorite TV Show - Big bang theory  
  • Favorite Athlete(s) - Maya Moore, Ramon Rondo, Leon Powe, Kristine Lilly, my dad  
  • Childhood Idol - Mia Hamm  
  • Hobbies - Music
  • Best Concert You Ever Attended - Sugarland/ Backstreet boys  
  • Magazine Cover You'd Like to Be On - ESPN sports magazine 
  • Biggest Fear – Robbers and spiders 
  • Most Famous Person Ever Met - Robin Roberts 
  • Person You'd Like to Have Dinner With - My sister 
  • Most Prized Possession - Necklace dad gave me for my birthday when I was little 
  • Place You'd Like to Visit - Paris 
  • First Memory of Your Sport - Playing in the back of my elementary school with my shin guards outside my socks 
  • Most Memorable Moment in College Athletics - Winning against Smith 
  • Pre-Game Rituals - Always listens to music, drink crystal light, same stretching routine 
  • Best Advice From a Coach - Never give up and play likes champion, The only place success comes before winning is in the dictionary. 
  • If You Had $1 Billion Dollars You Would - Pay off college, buy a car, give some to family, save some of it, donate the rest. 
  • Career Aspirations - Working for an international sports company