Holland Watson
Holland Watson
Height: 5-4
Year: So
Hometown: Lexington, Mass.
High School: Lexington
Position: Diving

Getting to Know Holland

  • Why did you choose to attend Mount Holyoke? - Because it is a great school with many opportunities to study different subjects at different schools and study abroad. Also because it has great student/athlete balance and a beautiful campus.
  • What do you like best about Mount Holyoke? - The academics and a generally accepting/non judgmental atmosphere.
  • Favorite Sports Movie - Bend it like Beckham
  • Favorite Pro Sports Team - Red Sox and Bruins
  • Favorite TV Show - Bones
  • Favorite Athlete(s) - Tom Daley, Michael Phelps
  • Most Famous Person Ever Met - John Cleese 
  • Person You'd Like to Have Dinner With - Emma Watson 
  • Place You'd Like to Visit - Scotland 
  • Pre-Game Rituals - Listening to relaxing music on my iPod. 
  • Best Advice From a Coach - It isn't about what other competitors do, it is about you doing your best for yourself. 
  • If You Had $1 Billion Dollars You Would - Pay for college and buy a car. 
  • Career Aspirations - I want to be able to work with antiquities in some capacity