Lazarovich Paces Swimming and Diving at Home Invitational

Lazarovich Paces Swimming and Diving at Home Invitational

Maya Lazarovich

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (Dec. 3, 2011) – The Mount Holyoke College swimming and diving team hosted longtime rivals Smith College and Wellesley College today at its home invitational. Wellesley dominated the non-scoring meet, taking 15 of the 22 events. Mount Holyoke came away with six victories, while Smith had one.

First year Maya Lazarovich figured in on four first place finishes to set the tone for the Lyons. In addition to taking top honors in the 200-yard butterfly (2:20.52), the 200-yard freestyle (2:09.95) and the 400-yard individual medley (5:00.05), she also came out on top in the 200-yard freestyle relay (1:43.00) along with junior Nora Cunningham, senior Lydia Bowers and sophomore Lauren Williams. Cunningham went on to post top times in both the 50-yard (25.80) and 100-yard (57.02) freestyle events.

Iron Woman Wellesley was paced by first year Kendra Waters and sophomore Keelin Nave, who figured in on five victories apiece. Waters collected individual wins in the 50-yard (32.83), 100-yard (1:11.74) and 200-yard (2:32.89) breaststroke races, while Nave came out on top in both the 100-yard butterfly (1:00.52) and the 500-yard freestyle (5:19.54).

The duo combined with sophomore Emma Mrkonic and first year Monica Gates to win the 200-yard (1:55.13) and 400-yard (4:11.81) medley relays. Nave also prevailed in the 400-yard freestyle relay (3:48.96) along with Mrkonic, Gates and sophomore Mariam Amirkhanashvili.

First year Veronica Lin added individual wins in both the 100-yard (1:03.37) and 200-yard (2:22.60) backstroke competitions. The Blue's other winners included Mrkonic (50-yard backstroke – 29.90), Amirkhanashvili (50-yard butterfly – 27.67) and first year Tiffany Chen (200-yard individual medley – 2:22.60). Sophomore Hayley Goydan swept the diving events with scores of 429.30 off the one-meter board and 405.80 off the three-meter board.

Smith's long victory came from junior Mackenzie Bradley, who touched the wall first in the 1,650-yard freestyle (18:24.64).

Over the course of the day, a total of 13 "Iron Women" took part in all 19 swimming events. The top three combined times came from Chen (29:29.84), Lazarovich (29:30.81) and Wellesley junior Virginia Hung (29:53.16). All of today's "Iron Women" are listed below. Competitors were not required to swim the 1,650-yard freestyle in order to be recognized.

All three squads will return to action during the new year after month long layoffs. Wellesley (3-2) is slated to host Babson College and the Coast Guard Academy on Wednesday, January 11 at 4:00 p.m. Meanwhile, Mount Holyoke (3-1) will visit Clark University for a tri-meet with Wheaton College on Friday, January 13 at 1:00 p.m., and Smith (2-1) will host Wellesley the following afternoon at 1:00 p.m.

Mount Holyoke Winners

  • Maya Lazarovich, Nora Cunningham, Lydia Bowers, Lauren Williams: 200-yard freestyle relay (1:43.00)
  • Nora Cunningham: 50-yard freestyle (25.80)
  • Nora Cunningham: 100-yard freestyle (57.02)
  • Maya Lazarovich: 200-yard butterfly (2:20.52)
  • Maya Lazarovich: 400-yard individual medley (5:00.05)
  • Maya Lazarovich: 200-yard freestyle (2:09.95)

Wellesley Winners

  • Emma Mrkonic, Kendra Waters, Keelin Nave, Monica Gates: 400-yard medley relay (4:11.81)
  • Emma Mrkonic, Kendra Waters, Keelin Nave, Monica Gates: 200-yard medley relay (1:55.13)
  • Monica Gates, Emma Mrkonic, Keelin Nave, Maria Amirkhanashvili: 400-yard freestyle relay (3:48.96)
  • Hayley Goydan: 1-meter diving (429.30)
  • Hayley Goydan: 3-meter diving (405.80)
  • Kendra Waters: 50-yard breaststroke (32.83)
  • Kendra Waters: 200-yard breaststroke (2:32.89)
  • Kendra Waters: 100-yard breaststroke (1:11.74)
  • Keelin Nave: 500-yard freestyle (5:19.54)
  • Keelin Nave: 100-yard butterfly (1:00.52)
  • Maria Amirkhanashvili: 50-yard butterfly (27.67)
  • Tiffany Chen: 200-yard individual medley (2:22.60)
  • Veronica Lin: 200-yard backstroke (2:14.73)
  • Veronica Lin: 100-yard backstroke (1:03.37)
  • Emma Mrkonic: 50-yard backstroke (29.90)

Smith Winners

  • Mackenzie Bradley: 1,650-yard freestyle (18:24.64)

2011 Mount Holyoke Invitational "Iron Women"

  1. Tiffany Chen (Wellesley – 29:29.84)
  2. Maya Lazarovich (Mount Holyoke – 29:30.81)
  3. Virginia Hung (Wellesley – 29:53.16)
  4. Megan Lambert (Wellesley – 30:22.29)
  5. Annie Hamilton (Wellesley – 30:41.51)
  6. Rachel Boynton (Mount Holyoke – 30:46.49)
  7. Grace Bachman (Wellesley – 30:40.74)
  8. Paige Christie (Smith – 30:48.67)
  9. Karina Chung (Wellesley – 31:38.57)
  10. Allison Yee (Wellesley – 33:03.15)
  11. Isa Wismann-Horther (Mount Holyoke – 34:11.47)
  12. Victoria Gavin (Mount Holyoke – 34:12.61)
  13. Melanie Kaplan (Wellesley – 18:03.25)