Mount Holyoke College

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Based on the NCAA Constitution/Bylaw 6.1.4

Each institution shall establish a student-athlete advisory committee for its student-athletes. The composition and duties of the committee should be determined by the institution.


The mission of the Mount Holyoke College (MHC) Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to enhance the overall student-athlete experience by maintaining a commitment to academic and athletic excellence and promoting meaningful engagement of student-athletes in the athletic, campus, and local communities.


Article I: Name

                Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)


Article II: Purpose

                The purpose of the MHC SAAC is to:

  • Act as the voice of the student-athletes in the governance of intercollegiate athletics at MHC; 
  • Promote and streamline efficient communication between student-athletes and the MHC Department of Physical Education and Athletics;
  • Provide a direct line of communication for student-athletes to voice concerns, problems, ideas, and accomplishments to the administration and other sports governing bodies;
  • Design and implement activities and programs which will encourage academic achievement, health, wellness, and community relations among student-athletes;
  • Create unity among student-athletes on campus;
  • Create on-campus awareness of athletics;
  • Form an off-campus connection with the wider community; and to
  • Establish a positive image of student-athletes on campus and within the community at large.


Article III: Membership

SAAC will be comprised of student-athletes from each of the 14 varsity athletic programs, student-athlete liaison(s) for the student government association, and student-athlete CBL liaison(s).  For those teams whose representatives currently serve on the SAAC executive board, they will be allowed to appoint one or two additional members.


Section 1: Membership Requirements and Selection of Members

  • Members will serve a one-year term from January through December.
  • Members are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
  • Coaches nominate student-athletes based on their leadership skills, from which representatives are elected by their specific teams.
  • A first-time SAAC member must plan to be on campus for their first full term of service.
  • The Student Government Association (SGA) and CBL liaison(s) can be selected from any of the 14 varsity teams.   


Section 2: Expectations of Members

                Members are expected to:

  • Actively serve on and attend all bimonthly SAAC and subcommittee meetings;
  • Act as a voice for their respective athletic team;
  • Inform their respective teammates and coaches about information discussed at SAAC meetings: and to
  • Send team e-mail updates within 48 hours of each SAAC meeting and carbon copying Vice Chair and Administrative Liaison.
      1. Format of email subject line should be as follows:  SAAC: [TEAM NAME] and MM/DD/YYYY.


Section 3: Removal of Members

  • Members are allowed one unexcused absence per semester and two unexcused absences per January-December term.
  • Two unexcused absences result in a meeting with the SAAC advisor, in addition to an email notification to the member’s coach.
  • A third unexcused absence results in the removal of member.
  • If removed, a new member from the respective team will need to be nominated.
  • Excused absences include varsity competition, academic class or field trip, religious observance, family emergency and illness.  It is the responsibility of the member to let the Vice Chair, Secretary, and Administrative Advisor know about any possible academic conflicts or matches with the SAAC meetings by the end of the add/drop period. If an additional conflict arises, then the SAAC rep would inform the Vice Chair, Secretary and Administrative Advisor two weeks in advance.


Section 4: Election of Officers

  • At the 3rd to last meeting of the fall term, nominations will be due from current SAAC members for all executive board positions.
  • The SAAC advisor will organize elections to take place before the 2nd to last meeting of the fall term. All current SAAC members will vote.  The announcement of new officers will be made at the second to last meeting.


Section 5: Removal of Officers

  • A call for a vote of concern can be made by any SAAC member who feels that a SAAC officer no longer meets the officer expectations and/or does not adhere to the ethical guidelines of the athletics department and the institution.
  • If, by vote, 2/3 of the SAAC members share the concern, then a probationary period of 2 weeks will be enacted after which time a vote of confidence will take place.
  • If 2/3 of the SAAC members vote no confidence, then the officer will be removed and a new officer will be elected.


Section 6: Adherence to College, State, and Federal Policies

  • SAAC does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.
  • SAAC adheres to college rules, regulations, policies, and the honor code.
  • SAAC adheres to local, state, and federal laws.


Article IV: Executive Board


                Section 1: Titles

  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


Section 2: Qualifications

  • Chair
      • Must have served on SAAC for at least one calendar year.
      • Must be on campus for the entire calendar year.
      • Must complete authorized signer training, business office training, and event coordinator training.
  • Vice Chair
    • Must have served on SAAC for at least one calendar year.
    • Must be on campus for the entire calendar year.
    • Must complete RSO event training.
  • Treasurer
    • Must have served on SAAC for at least one calendar year.
    • Must be on campus for the entire calendar year.
    • Must have effective budgeting and organizational skills.
    • Must complete authorized signer training and business office training.
  • Secretary
    • Must have served on SAAC for at least one calendar year.
    • Must be on campus the entire calendar year.
    • Must have effective organizational skills.
    • Must complete RSO event training.


Section 3: Duties of Officers

      • Executive Board
      • To provide overall leadership to the SAAC.
      • Must complete appropriate SGA paperwork and attend necessary SGA meetings.
      • One officer must represent MHC at NEWMAC Conference SAAC meetings.
      • To create bimonthly meeting agenda in consultation with the advisor.
      • Attend weekly meeting with the Administrative Liaison.
      • Two SAAC members, including at least one Executive Board member must attend the Student Programs Event Planning Training
      • Two Executive Board members must complete Student Programs Org Orientation Training.
      • Chair
      • Responsible for organizing and completing Organization Registration paperwork for SGA affiliation.
      • To facilitate meetings effectively and efficiently.
      • To meet with Administrative Liaison weekly.
      • To create agenda for Executive Board meetings.
      • To act as liaisons between SAAC and the athletic administration.
      • To speak on behalf of SAAC at department sponsored events/functions.
      • To act as an Authorized Signer in the case of absence of the Treasurer.
      • To oversee one subcommittee
      • Vice Chair
      • To facilitate meetings effectively and efficiently in absence of Chair.
      • To motivate and facilitate officers and other representatives to fulfill SAAC objectives.
      • To assume position of Chair if Chair is removed or resigns.
      • Along with the Secretary, is responsible for receiving absence notifications from representatives, tracking absences, and enforcing absences policy along with the Administrative Advisor.
      • Responsible for keeping track of team emails sent by SAAC representatives after each meeting.
      • Will oversee one subcommittees, SGA liaison(s), and Diversity and Inclusion representative.
      • Treasurer
      • To complete authorized signer training for SGA funding paperwork and attend all necessary SGA treasurer meetings.
      • Meet with SGA Ways and Means Representative prior to all budget submissions.
      • To manage the SAAC finances and budget.
      • To account for all bank statements and ensure that the account remains balanced at all times.
      • To handle all organizational audits.
      • Prepare all necessary statements and paperwork to meet with SGA Ways and Means Representative at the end of each semester.
      • To communicate frequently with the SAAC Chair, Vice Chair, and the Administrative Advisor on the financial status of the SAAC.
      • To work with the Administrative Advisor, subcommittee chairs, and Executive Board to draft monthly budgets, that will be presented to the Executive Board at the meeting prior to deadline for approval.
      • To oversee one subcommittee.
      • Secretary
      • To facilitate the development of the meeting agenda.
      • To take accurate minutes, including attendance, at all SAAC meetings and distribute them electronically to SAAC members at least one day prior to the next meeting.
      • To complete meeting minutes within 24 hours of the end of each meeting and send to the Administrative Advisor.
      • To facilitate the annual review of the SAAC Bylaws.
      • To facilitate completion of the Anti-Hazing Waivers.
      • To oversee one subcommittee. 


Article V: Subcommittees and Standing Positions


Section 1:  Standing Subcommittees

      • Programming (includes ADAC)
      • Community Service
      • Outreach and Community Involvement
      • Enhancements and Improvements
      • Diversity and Inclusion Representative


Section 2: Standing Positions

      • SGA Liaison(s)
      • Attend SGA meetings and set schedule for meeting attendance.
      • Must attend mandatory senator training at the beginning of the semester.
      • Announce the next GOW and other important news regarding athletics at SGA meetings.
      • Prepare weekly notes from SGA meetings for the SAAC Executive Board on or before every Thursday, and present those notes at biweekly SAAC meetings as included in the agenda.
      • May serve on a subcommittee.
      • CBL Liaison(s)
      • Organize the collaboration with the CBL.
      • Update the SAAC regularly on CBL community service program.
      • May serve on a subcommittee.


Section 3:  Qualifications and Expectations of Subcommittee Chairs

  • Must be on campus the entire calendar year.
  • Facilitate the execution of SAAC objectives and projects as identified in the SAAC strategic plan and as assigned to particular subcommittees.
  • Convene and facilitate regular meetings and communication outside of the regular SAAC meetings.
  • Facilitate the annual review and revision of subcommittee objectives.
  • Work with the treasurer to develop a budget for subcommittee related projects.
  • Report subcommittee accomplishments and future objectives at SAAC meetings.
  • Programming subcommittee chair is expected to represent MHC at Fall NEWMAC SAAC meeting.


Section 4:  Qualifications and Expectations of Standing Positions

  • Must be a member of a varsity athletic team.
  • Must show potential as a reliable and effective leader.
  • SGA and CBL liaisons will be appointed by the SAAC E-Board.


Article VI: Role of Advisor, Coaches, and Athletic Administration


                Section 1: Administrative Advisor (Associate Director of Athletics)

      • Act as an advocate for student-athletes and facilitate effective communication between student-athletes and the administration.
      • Inform and educate the student-athletes on NCAA legislation and its governance structure.
      • Inform and educate student-athletes on department and NEWMAC policies and regulations.
      • Provide continuity to the group as leaders and members change.
      • Assist in creating and executing an effective meeting structure.
      • Obtain needed resources and assist with the administrative needs for the execution of organized projects.
      • Help foster an ongoing awareness of campus, conference, and NCAA issues that are relevant to the organization.
      • Ensure that all SAAC vacancies are filled and to assist in enforcing attendance policies.
      • To set meeting dates and times (in consultation with the executive board) and secure space on campus for SAAC meetings.
      • Meet weekly with SAAC chair and executive board.


Section 2: Head Coach

      • To facilitate nomination of members of their team to represent the team on SAAC.
      • Encourage team representatives to be active and effective members of SAAC.
      • Allocate time for SAAC representatives to report to the team on relative SAAC news and information.
      • Support and attend SAAC sponsored events.


Section 3: Athletic Administration

      • Provide visible support to student-athletes and SAAC through promotion of SAAC objectives and by attending SAAC sponsored events.
      • Be receptive to student-athlete concerns with regard to campus, conference, and NCAA issues.
      • Encourage coaches to be receptive to student-athletes’ concerns within their respective teams and athletic community.
      • Promote the importance and purpose of SAAC both within the department and within the greater community.



Article VII: Meetings

  • Meetings will take place bimonthly (e.g., Sundays from 7-8 p.m.) as permitted by the academic calendar.
  • Meetings will last approximately one hour, with exception to the annual review of proposed NCAA legislation and the January retreat.
  • A meeting schedule will be proposed by the E-board and approved by the SAAC no later than the last meeting of the preceding semester.
  • Subcommittee chairs will arrange additional meetings with their committees when necessary.
  • Any member can call a SAAC meeting if needed with approval from the chair, vice chair, and SAAC advisor.
  • Attendance is expected at all meetings unless there is an excused absence as found in Article III: Section 3. Absences must be cleared by the SAAC chair and advisor in a timely manner.


Article VIII: Ratification of and Amendments to SAAC Procedures


                Section 1: Quorum

      • 2/3 of all members must be present for a vote to take place


Section 2: When a Quorum must be Present

      • To vote on financial issues such as fundraising activities and the distribution of funds.
      • To vote on the removal of an officer.
      • To make changes to the SAAC Bylaws.
      • To vote on the SAAC’s position regarding NCAA legislation.