Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams
Height: 5-9
Year: So
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
High School: Baylor School (Tenn.)
Position: Back/Free

Getting to Know Lauren

  • Why did you choose to attend Mount Holyoke? - I chose Mount Holyoke because I wanted to focus on academics but still get the four years of college athletics. I was not quite ready to give up swimming but I wanted to focus on my school work and what it could prepare me for in the future.
  • What do you like best about Mount Holyoke? - I love the campus and how gorgeous it gets in the Fall. I also love the wide variety of classes that are offered here.
  • Favorite Sports Movie - Miracle and Remember the Titans
  • Best Sporting Event Ever Attended - None
  • Favorite Pro Sports Team - Barcelona FC and Manchester United
  • Favorite TV Show - The Vampire Diaries
  • Favorite Athlete(s) - Blake Griffin
  • Hobbies - Reading, writing, making up stories in my head
  • Best Concert You Ever Attended - Panic! At the Disco
  • Magazine Cover You'd Like to Be On - Sports Illustrated 
  • Biggest Fear - Dying in a freak accident 
  • Most Famous Person Ever Met - Doug Gjersten 
  • Person You'd Like to Have Dinner With - Blake Griffin 
  • Most Prized Possession - My computer 
  • Place You'd Like to Visit - London, England, UK 
  • First Memory of Your Sport - I passed someone in a race who was more than halfway down the pool 
  • Most Memorable Moment in College Athletics - I broke the 200 Back record and received a PR 
  • Pre-Game Rituals - I like to stretch my legs out 
  • Best Advice From a Coach - Just do it   
  • If You Had $1 Billion Dollars You Would - I would donate a portion of it to MHC Swim and Dive and another portion to Invisible Children and other charities in need. 
  • Career Aspirations – I would like to be a Sports Center correspondent on ESPN