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 A list of shows hosted at the Mount Holyoke College Equestrian Center below


Wednesday Afternoon Horse Show

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Contact: Joy Collins at jcollins@mtholyoke.edu / (413) 538-2493 

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TRAINERS…don’t miss this great chance to get off the farm for the afternoon, give your students & horses mileage, make a lesson out of it and coach your student from the sidelines (we’ll allow it!).  Bring your school horses, show horses and your greenies too!

RIDERS…Do you need to practice under the pressure of a show but don’t want to spend a fortune in fees?  Are you moving up a level and need your coach to give you pointers from the sidelines? Are you looking to get ready for IEA or IHSA?  Do you want to jump around in a nice large indoor? Come on over and join us for a fun, casual afternoon show.